Business Cloud Backup

A backup for your business backup more reliably without ever missing a backup schedule

Do you have a backup for business? The answers is normally; yes we have a backup, We have an external hard drive, There is a box in the server room that flashes now and again, We have a person who takes a backup home every night and we have a tape drive in the server.

The reality is that many business may have a backup in place or once had a backup facility setup. This would normally happen when they had their shiny new server solution implemented by an IT provider. The true fact is that most business never think about backup or consistently backing up their important data.

Typical Backup Scenario

John who works in accounts has been nominated to taken on the role of the person who will backup the data every day. Not only will John be responsible for this important task, he will also take the backup off site because an offsite backup is an extra measure, in case there was ever a fire in the office and the server where destroyed. John finishes work and on the way home, he trips over and injures himself, his briefcase also takes a heavy impact as he fell to the ground. John is off work for about 2 weeks and now the backup is not being taken on a daily basis. It is brought to no oneís attention because John has been responsible for this task for over a year now.

During the end of the week the data volume on the main file server takes a 2 disk failure in the disk array and all the data is lost. The business owner calls their local IT support company, whom after some time on site deliver the bad news that that the data cannot be recovered on the server but if they can have the backup they will be able to restore the data. The business owner tells the engineer, that they have someone in the office that takes a data backup every day. After quizzing various colleagues it is discovered that John is the person who looks after the backup, it then comes to light that John has been off since his injury.

The next question to be asked was, who has been backing whilst John was off recovering? Where is the hard drive John used to backup every day? John is contacted so the backup drive can be collected so that the IT Company can restore the data once the server has had the drives replaced. The IT engineer, attempts to mount the external USB hard drive, but with disappointment the drive is not being detected. If you remember when John had injured himself but his briefcase also took an impact and so did the external hard drive in John's briefcase, yes, Oh no. Not only has the backup not been taken for a week, the backup drive is destroyed. If the backup schedule had been shared between John and another colleague or maybe more hard drives purchased. What if? What if? Unfortunately the data could not be retrieved, the rest of the story does not end on a positive note.

This is a very scary story, fortunately it is not true, but quite close to how some businesses manage their data backup and maybe have been in similar scenario to the one above. The moral of the story is when a backup schedule / system relies on any type human intervention, there will probably be a hiccup and mostly at the most crucial time.

TERAcloud backup eliminates this process and takes the stress away of worrying about who is managing the backup for your business. Once TERAcloud is installed on the Computer or Server it never stops backing up your data. You donít need to take any backup drives off site like John, so there is no risk of the backup being lost, damaged or out of date.

When you need to restore a file, you simply do this from the tray icon on the machine that TERAcloud has been installed on. In the event of a total system outage, the whole backup can be retrieved once you have a new PC or Server and TERAcloud has been install first.

Below are the packages we have designed for whatever size your business is.

How many computers can it be installed on

Cloud backup size

Recommended for or examples of use


Small Business







Ideal for a small business which has a lot of data to backup with up to 7 computers where the workforce may fluctuate









A business which has a lot of data and a lot of computers, there is no limit on how many computers can be backed up


Business Unlimited







A large business that has a lot of computers and a lot of data to back up or a small company that has more than 8TB of data to backup